Everything you need to manage your online classroom.

Aziksa allows higher education and training institutions to take their business to the next level by taking their classes online.

We offer all the essential tools you need to build effective and versatile courses: live virtual classes, self-paced courses, virtual labs, online assessments, collaborative forums, and online payments.

No technical knowledge required.

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Everything You Need to Manage Your Online Classroom.

Deliver quality classroom training to more people, online.


  • Conduct live classes from anywhere.
  • Maximum convenience and interaction through video, audio, desktop sharing, whiteboard, and chat.
  • Optimized for mobile.

  • Create and deliver self paced courses that students can access anywhere, at anytime.
  • Our account representatives and live support make set-up easy.
  • No technical knowledge required.

  • Promote virtual interaction between students and instructors.
  • Collaboration is possible through designated classroom discussion areas, text and voice chat, and file sharing.

  • Provide a hands-on, custom lab experience where students gain subject-matter proficiency.
  • Perfect for technical training.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Get paid straight away.
  • No payment gateway or bank setup required.
  • Engage students on any device.

  • Track student progress and reinforce learning.
  • Choose from a variety of online assessment tools and provide instant feedback on exams and quizzes.

Live Classes

Our virtual classroom offers maximum convenience for educators and students, allowing both parties to access the classroom from anywhere. Conduct a live course instruction and interact through an array of options: video, audio, desktop sharing, whiteboard and chat. Available on mobile devices.

Self Paced Courses

Creating and delivering self-paced courses are a breeze with our white-Glove service. This service, offered to all educators, provides a dedicated account representative to help you implement courses on our platform and ongoing live support.



Our system supports maximum interaction between students and instructors, both during class or afterwards, giving students the convenience to connect at anytime. Collaboration is possible through a designated classroom discussion area, text and voice chat, and file sharing.

Virtual Lab

Perfect for technical training, virtual labs provide a platform for students to attain subject-matter proficiency through hands-on training. Each student can be assigned an individual Virtual lab that is not dependent on others.

Online Assessments

We offer a variety of assessment tools to track student progress and reinforce learning. Students can receive instant feedback on exams and quizzes, all of which can be tailored to fit each specific course. Choose from multiple choice tests, essay questions, and explanatory responses to support technical and equation-based problems.


We use the latest technology to ensure a responsive design on mobile platforms, including most tablets and smartphones. Students can continue learning on any device.


Students can make payment for your course directly on our online platform. No payment gateway or bank Setup required. User data is safe and secure.

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