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The Value of Online Teaching

There has been an increase in the need for the training and re-training of employees in the corporate world and even more so with the constant growth of employees working remotely. The ability to virtually conduct training sessions that have little to no effect on your productivity tends to have a positive impact on the profit margin. With the introduction of Aziksa’s strategic online training platforms; the loss of time, productivity and profits due to traditional training methods will become a thing of the past. Our online training platforms are available for the corporate market and other professionals, since our wide range of solution caters to your needs from start to finish. Aziksa’s blended online training system is perfect for businesses, the corporate world and professionals alike because it is cost effective and allows for the training of employees, conduction of conferences, and more while reducing both administrative and implementation costs. Aziksa’s blended online training platforms should be the way of the future for your company since all companies are interested in high productivity and the improvement of bottom-line.

So, give us a try, we are offering a free trial with no credit card required, we are sure, you would love our online training system and come back for more as can be attested to by our clients. Aziksa online training platform is the future and the best way forward.

Benefits from Online Teaching

The world of online teaching represents an area with a high potential to enhance the training process of employees. Virtual online training platforms such as Aziksa are designed to simulate the traditional learning experience, while integrating virtual locations in an interactive computer-simulated environment. Professionals can use virtual online training platforms to train new employees and provide leadership training to current employees. Effective leadership training initiatives play a critical role in enhancing organizational performance. Organizations utilize a variety of content delivery methods to provide such initiatives, on average over 2 billion dollars are invested annually into training. As such reducing the amount invested into organizational training is of high importance. By utilizing virtual online training environments in leadership and other discipline of training, organizations are exposed to a range of benefits such as, a reduction in cost, an increase in training consistency, an increase in efficiency and a reduction in maintenance. Virtual online training is the portal that makes learning available anywhere and anytime.

Teach online and make money.

Education technology has opened new avenues, enabling everyone to monetize their skills. You can teach online and make money as long as you have transferable skills. The best thing is you need not be an instructor by profession. Rather you can teach anything you’re good at.

You can either teach online classes or self-paced video tutorials on any subject from crafts to gardening, fashion, lifestyle, acting, music, home décor, photography, coding to languages or any subject of your interest. Even if you’re a homeschooler or a teacher looking to expand horizons or an alternative income stream, moving online is the best bet. While it seems to be a natural choice for teachers to make the leap to teaching online, advancements in education technology have enabled professionals, whose primary job is not teaching, to start building their online learning delivery business.

How to teach online?

Having this said, moving a physical classroom online or breaking into eLearning requires a lot of groundwork. Besides identifying the skills, you want to monetize and the subject you want to teach, the technology you choose to deliver learning plays a crucial role. You may think of teaching via Skype or Google Hangouts, but these are just video conferencing tools and miss on many aspects of teaching. To deliver a rich experience, you’d have to integrate other piecemeal tools such as whiteboard and test creator. Also, you cannot upload full-fledged courses on Skype.

Why Aziksa Learning Solution?

Aziksa software meets all these criteria and make it easy for both teaching and non-teaching professionals to start and excel into online instruction. The ready-to-use online learning delivery platform has got everything at one place, and you can use it instantly without having to code anything.

Aziksa software features that makes online teaching easy:

You do not need to be technology guru to start teaching online

Aziksa Virtual Classroom is so intuitive and easy-to-use that technology adoption is never an issue.

Teach anything

Teach anything you know or love in any language. It’s super easy. Aziksa online teaching software allows you to create all types of courses with successful learning outcomes.

Create online courses and start teaching

Utilize the default course design structure to create online courses and start teaching instantly.

Aziksa supports different learning styles

Address diverse learning styles to significantly improve learner engagement and performance: